Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress Review

nest bedding alexander review

About the Company

Because of the company’s widespread belief that mattresses are not “one size fits all”, Nest bedding carries a line of mattress that has variation in design and feels to assure that you can find the perfect mattress. Every one of their mattresses is produced in the United States and can be either shipped to your home or purchased in person at one of their stores. In this review, I am explicitly analyzing their Alexander Signature Series model, and I additionally conducted some tests to observe how the mattress performs.

What Type of Mattress is the Alexander?

The Alexander by Nest Bedding is a memory foam mattress designed to be a more cost-effective alternative in comparison to name brand memory foam beds that can be found in most mattress stores.

The Nest Bedding Alexander mattress consists of a soft, quilted top which creates cushioning and air-flow, on top of a thick, 4 lb gel memory foam layer. The quilted top accounts for the absence of the “stuck” feeling usually present in most traditional memory foam beds.

The base of the mattress consists of a material generally known as “egg crate” foam, which permits airflow. Another obvious distinction is the fact that there is no heavy chemical smell often found in a majority of foam beds.

Basic Information

  • Sleep Trial: 100-night free-trial period
  • Warranty: Nest offers a generous lifetime warranty on all of their mattresses
  • Shipping: Free shipping to all of the continental US, Mattress arrives compressed in a box

alexander mattress review

You will like the mattress if…

You like foam mattresses but don’t like the sinking feeling– The mattress will provide you with the comfort and support of foam; however, it is much more “springier” than traditional memory foam mattresses. Thus, it is way easier for you to move around or switch positions while you are sleeping.

You hate to sleep hot– Almost everyone can agree with the fact that sleeping hot is miserable. Thankfully, with this mattress, I had no problems whatsoever with heat retention or sleeping hot.

You have a specific firmness preference– The vast majority of online-only mattress companies sell only one version of a mattress. Nest Bedding, however, offers three different comfort levels that you can choose from.

You want a mattress designed by experts– Joe Alexander is an expert in the industry and has been selling mattresses to customers through his own chain of stores for years. It is safe to say that he knows what people want in a mattress. The fact that he put his name on this mattress should be a good indicator that this is a great mattress.

You want a great deal– The Alexander is designed as well as produced by Nest Bedding; therefore, all of the middlemen are virtually eliminated. This is a fantastic deal for a mattress of this quality, and it’s guaranteed that you would pay double or even triple this price for other brands sold through the popular retail stores.

nest bedding alexander mattress reviews

You won’t like the mattress if…

You want to spend less– The Alexander is undoubtedly a great mattress with an excellent value. If you are in need of just an average mattress and would prefer to pay less, then there are other options that you should probably consider.

You want an entirely organic/natural mattress– Nest Bedding is known for its emphasis on natural and organic products; however, the Alexander is not 100% all natural. While the Nest Bedding does sell entirely all natural products, they are unfortunately significantly more expensive (natural mattresses are generally much more costly due to the pricey materials used).


As I first began to press into the mattress, I initially felt the soft quilted cover on top. Then, as I pushed though quilted foam, I reached the gel memory foam beneath and it instantly started to contour around my hand. With the combination of the thick memory foam layer along with the quilted cover, Nest managed to create a mattress that provides sleepers with extraordinary pressure relief.

Depending on your weight, build, and body type, you will feel the firmness of the mattress differently. As an alternative to just giving only my opinion on the overall firmness level, I decided to have three other people to give their opinion. This way, you will get a better overall idea for the range of firmness you can expect to see from the Alexander Signature.

According to the testers, the medium version of this mattress truly lived up to its name. On a scale of 1-10, this mattress fell between a range of 5.5-6.0 on the firmness scale, meaning that this mattress falls squarely in the center of the medium firmness range.

A medium firmness is designed to appeal to a wide variety of sleeping preferences. Side sleepers tend to have a preference for softer mattresses that allow their hips and their shoulders to sink in a bit. On the other hand, stomach and back sleepers will typically prefer a firmer mattress that will aid in keeping their spine properly aligned. By providing a medium firmness, the Alexander Signature creates a great combination of pressure relief and support for those who have sleeping needs that aren’t necessarily specific, or possibly for someone who frequently changes positions at night.

Due to the layering of the soft mattress as well as the materials used,  I would assume that this mattress would fall more in the 4-5 out of 10 category. Because this would be a very soft feel, the sleeper would sink further into the mattress and would experience excellent pressure relief. With that being said, I feel that this would be great for side sleepers. Also, provided the layers of the Firm version, I would expect to feel about an 8 out of 10 firmness. This firm version would offer great support for stomach and back sleepers.

alexander mattress

Edge Support

For those who are planning on sharing the bed along with a partner and would benefit from utilizing the entire surface area of the mattress, then good edge support is going to be crucial for you. Foam mattresses are notorious for struggling to live up to the edge support provided by a traditional innerspring mattress. Because of the importance of edge support, I wanted to examine how I would feel near the edge of the bed.

When lying close to the side of the Alexander Signature I experienced evenly distributed support from the side all the way to the edge of the mattress, and I could even roll around and change positions without fearing falling out of the bed.

I was able to sleep on the edge of the mattress yet still have a good mixture of pressure relief and support to ensure that my spine stays aligned. As I moved onto my side and dangled off the mattress just a bit, I did notice some compression in the memory foam layer, but I still felt security in this position on the mattress.

The last position I tested was sitting on the edge of the bed as if I were putting on my shoes or getting out of bed in the morning. In this position, the entirety of my weight is focused on one spot on the mattress. Again, there was a bit of compression with the memory foam layer; however, this is fairly common with most foam mattresses.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is undoubtedly a category in which the Alexander mattress shines in. As I read through online reviews, I never saw any complaints with regards to motion transfer, and it’s honestly quite easy to see why: I noticed not even the slightest movement between partners on the medium version of the Alexander.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Heat retention is amongst the top complaints consumers have for memory foam beds. Luckily, with the quilted top and the convoluted layers, there seemed to be a substantial amount of airflow taking place in and around the mattress.

Nest Bedding actually suggests placing a quality, breathable mattress protector for their beds. They additionally recommend setting the mattress on slats or even a breathable box spring to contribute to maximum airflow. The floor or the plywood below the bed would minimize the bed’s chance of having good air circulation.

Does the Mattress Smell?

Unlike most mattresses, The Alexander Memory Foam has nearly no detectable odor upon opening and sleeping the first night. This is usually the time that is subject to the most complaints with regards to strong; however, thanks to the CertiPUR-US™certified foams used within the mattress, it is reported to be smell-free.

In the event that you do happen to experience a new mattress smell of any sort, I suggest that you open windows after you remove whatever mattress protectors or sheets that you used with it. After just a few hours or worst case scenario, a few days, the smell should eventually vanish. Generally, this phenomenon is pretty typical for foam mattresses, and should not be harmful at all.

Overall Recommendation

Amongst all of the other mattresses that I have tested and reviewed, the Alexander Signature is one of my all-time favorites. I found this mattress to be very comfortable with its excellent support/comfort tradeoff. This mattress is produced by Nest Bedding, which happens to be a company with a good track record and clean reputation. They additionally have various other known quality mattresses and pillows, but out of all of their products, the Alexander is my first choice. Overall, I highly recommend the Alexander Signature mattress, and if you end up deciding that you don’t like the mattress, remember that the company offers a 100-night free-trial period; therefore, purchasing this mattress is virtually risk-free.