Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

Nectar Sleep Mattress Review

What exactly is a Nectar Mattress? The Nectar is a new mattress company that specializes in producing memory foam mattresses. Nectar is increasing their free trial period to a total of 365 days, which more than triples the duration of multiple other competing company’s trial periods. With the Nectar mattress, you get an opportunity to sleep on it for an entire year before deciding on whether or not this mattress is a suitable fit for you. This means that you can get a feel for the mattress through all four seasons. Apart from having an amazing trial period, the mattress just feels great. It’s built with a dense top foam layer accompanied by a phase change ticking that has cooling gel weaved into it. The Nectar mattress isn’t your average foam mattress, and it seems to have substantial advantages over its competitors. Although it does have a medium firm feel, it conforms to the natural curvature of your body so well, that it feels great regardless of what your firmness preference is.

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Overview of the Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress has many great features to offer. What I noticed immediately was its high-quality quilted cover. The mattress has memory foam stitched into its cover, providing a distinguished feel. Initially, you get a soft feeling, and then, as you sink further, you’ll progress into the support layers. You’ll sink in just enough to obtain optimal pressure relief, but not too much to the point where it would be challenging to move around while you’re sleeping.

The Nectar mattress comes with a complimentary brochure explaining the free-trial period. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a trial period that lasts for an entire year, which as of right now, is unprecedented in the industry. A “Forever Warranty” is also included. This warranty means that if there are any indentations over a certain amount, regardless of how long you’ve owned the mattress, Nectar will warranty it for you. Although this warranty is a tremendous benefit, I am mostly blown away by the feel of the mattress as a whole, the unbeatable price, and of course the generous trial period.

What I also found appealing about Nectar is that you have the opportunity to finance this mattress with interest-free financing, and you do not have to do a credit check. You can just break down the payments into monthly installments.

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What Type of Mattress is the Nectar?

I consider the Nectar to be a very well-rounded mattress with its ultra-dense foam structure and balanced levels of support.
Manufactured and equipped with airflow and woven fabric, conventional memory foam, as well as an assortment of other distinct features, the Nectar is undoubtedly a modern mattress that grants sleepers a cool and comfortable night of sleep.

With the performance of its unique cooling system, its top layer of gel memory foam, as well as its Tencel infused quilted cover, the Nectar inevitably stands above its competitors.
All of these specialized features ensures that your Nectar maintains its brand new feeling, day-after-day, year-after-year, and undoubtedly helps contribute to a therapeutic and relaxing night’s sleep for both you and your partner.

What Makes the Nectar Mattress Unique?

I removed the cover to see the inside of the Nectar bed and how it responds. This happens to be among the best mattresses you can find for pressure relief. I noticed that it reverts slowly, but the downside is that switching positions might be a tad more difficult. However, I don’t think that you’ll feel a need to change positions at night due to how well the mattress conforms.
Another thing I paid close attention to was the quilted cover of the mattress. This is what truly distinguishes it apart from other mattresses. It has a dense foam layer that is quilted into the covering. From a manufacturing standpoint, quilting foam into the mattress is more costly, but it is definitely well worth it. Personally, I haven’t felt anything quite like this before.

I also examined the heat retention on the Nectar mattress, and I was quite surprised with the results. Provided that it is built with gel memory foam quilted into the cover, I was expecting much higher heat retention. The reason it performed so well is that the cover is constructed with Tencel fiber which is significantly more breathable and porous than cotton is. A phase change material that draws away heat also contributed to these excellent results. Several other ultra-dense foam mattresses I have tested aren’t even comparable to the Nectar with regards to repelling heat.

There is also no need to be worried about awakening your partner at night because there’s virtually zero motion transfer with this mattress. Bear in mind, if your partner typically tosses and turns at night, this will likely affect your quality of sleep as well; however, the Nectar should help eliminate this problem. As a matter of fact, my engineering team found this to be the most effective mattress for isolating motion of all the mattresses they’ve tested. Sleep disturbances caused by a partner is one of the leading causes of poor sleep, and Nectar tackles this issue head-on.

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Does it Sleep Hot?

In contrast to almost every other memory foam mattresses that tend to sleep a bit warm, the Nectar provides a high level of cooling. The top gel memory foam, in conjunction with the infused cover, will help to keep temperatures cool and comfortable.

However, being that this is a high-density memory foam mattress, some individuals might find the sleeping atmosphere to become somewhat warm in comparison to latex, coil, or hybrid mattresses.
Overall, our research suggests that the Nectar is without a doubt one of the cooler memory foam mattresses available on the market today.

Does the Nectar Smell?

Like I previously mentioned, the Nectar is constructed of denser foam; therefore, it is going to be predisposed to higher amounts of off-gassing. I infer this is because there’s simply just a larger quantity material to off gas. Luckily, you can count on the smell to disappear after around 3-4 days with a majority of the smell vanishing within 2 days.

I highly recommend unboxing the mattress in the morning to ensure that it has more time to breathe and air out prior to you sleeping on it. If you tend to be especially sensitive to odors, it may be a good idea to open your windows. Thankfully, the smell is not permanent and it will go away sooner or later.

Longevity of the Mattress

Provided the construction of the Nectar and the fact that it is a denser foam mattress, I anticipate that you will get somewhere around 7-8 years out of this mattress before you can notice any lasting impressions or lack of support. Since Nectar is a fairly new company, it’s tough to say with certainty, but based upon my experience with mattresses of similar construction, this will be my speculation.

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Complaints about the Nectar Mattress

From what I have heard, the most prominent complaints customers have about the nectar is the long wait time.
Because of the popularity and demand for the mattress, customers may experience waits for up to over a few weeks before they receive their mattress. Despite this inconvenience, I still believe this product is well worth the wait.

How can I order my Nectar Mattress?

Obtaining Nectar is very easy with Nectar’s no credit obligation, 6-month interest-free financing plan.
All you need to order a Nectar today is the following:

– Any source of income (not necessarily from a job)
– A debit or credit card to make the low initial and monthly payments

There are no mandatory credit checks, and approval is given instantaneously.
You will enjoy Nectar in no time and own Nectar immediately on the day of your final payment.
Anytime after 90 days, you are able to buy out your payment schedule.

For those who don’t care to make do with a mediocre mattress, the Nectar is competitively priced, but because they also add financing it really makes it much more accessible. Keep in mind, you are also able to pay by credit card upfront in one single transaction.
Nectar also offers white glove delivery. They will set up your brand new mattress and even get rid of your old mattress. The fee for white glove delivery is $149.

Overall Thoughts on the Nectar Mattress

For the price, this happens to be among the best dense foam mattresses I have ever tried. Despite it being produced in China, I didn’t notice any significant off-gassing. It also happens to be Certipur Certified which means that the foams within the mattress are tested to be free of any unsafe or harmful substances such as formaldehyde. I love how well this mattress conforms to the body, and it is very enjoyable to sleep on.

A major issue for dense foam mattresses is the fact that they feel hot when you are sleeping. That’s because memory foam is an insulator; therefore, the higher density the foam, the higher amount of heat that will be insulated. By weaving cooling gel foam directly into the top layer and incorporating a phase change material into the mattress ticking, Nectar has developed a very cutting-edge and highly efficient mattress to provide you with the best qualities of cooling, pressure relief, support, and motion isolation. I am thoroughly impressed with Nectar’s quilted cover, and needless to say, I was astonished at how rapidly it dissipated heat.

When Nectar first launched, one of the most prominent complaints was issues with backorders. I believe they didn’t quite anticipate the high volume of demand for this bed.