tuft and needle mattress review

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft & Needle is an online-only mattress company that has been in existence for quite some time now. They have been a frontrunner in transparency with regards to the manner in which they sell and modify their mattress based on customer research and feedback.

Additionally, they are the only online company that offers such a low price point, with a queen mattress priced at only $600. This remarkable price is what indeed sparked my interest from the beginning. Aside from having a great price, I still believe quality should be the number one factor when choosing a mattress, and I think Tuft & Needle has done a phenomenal job with product development and producing a high-quality mattress for an economical price.

In general, when comparing the overall quality of the mattress with its unbeatable price, I think this is a great option; however, it may not necessarily be a good fit for everyone.

You will Enjoy the Tuft & Needle Mattress if…

You desire a high-quality mattress for a reasonable price– Tuft & Needle is an independent mattress company that ships straight to your door from the factory; therefore, tons of overhead costs that are typically a burden to consumers are reduced. Although this business model is recently becoming popular, Tuft & Needle is significantly cheaper in comparison to other online competitors.

You’re interested in a foam mattress with just a little bounce– the mattress is constructed of a proprietary foam, though it feels more identical to latex than it does memory foam. In other words, this means that you will have the best of both comfort and support, but you won’t sink in and feel stuck as you would with a traditional memory foam mattress.

You prefer a firm mattress- In comparison to other online mattress options available on the market, Tuft and Needle is considered to be firm. Although it is not tremendously firm, it is most definitely noticeable to a majority of sleepers.

Frills aren’t your priority- Tuft, and Needle without a doubt provides you with an excellent sleep experience; however, it doesn’t contain as many bells and whistles or special features as other luxury options. With the Tuft and Needle, every dollar spent is aimed solely at mattress quality.

You would like to read quite a bit of review- this company has been in existence far longer than other online mattress companies, which means that it has tons of reviews– as a matter of fact, it’s rated #1 mattress on Amazon. If reading the feedback of other consumers is vital in your decision with regards to purchasing a mattress, T&N can deliver.

You want to sleep cool- Based on my personal experience with testing out the Tuft & Needle, the mattress did not sleep hot for me whatsoever. I remained consistently cool throughout the entire night.

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The Tuft & Needle isn’t for you if…

You want a true luxury mattress – T&N is undoubtedly a great mattress, but it targets consumers searching for a lower price point. If you want to invest more money in order to obtain a higher quality mattress, then you may be better off browsing for other options elsewhere.

You prefer an innerspring mattress– the mattress holds a very high rating; however, this doesn’t necessarily ensure that you’ll learn to love foam mattresses. If you have a strong preference for spring mattresses, I suggest choosing just that.

You love a soft/plush feel- the mattress is undoubtedly on the firmer side of the spectrum and posses no trace of this very cushioning pillow top feeling that some individuals tend to prefer.

You would like to test out the mattress before purchasing- this mattress is sold online only (note: for anyone in the Phoenix area, they do have a showroom located in Phoenix); hence you can’t lay on and see the mattress in person prior to purchasing it. Luckily, they do offer a 100-day free trial, in which you will get a full refund if you decide it’s not the right mattress for you; therefore, there is virtually zero financial risk for consumers.

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Basic Information

  • Sleep trial- 100-night risk-free trial
  • Warranty- Tuft & Needle provides a 10-year warranty
  • Shipping- Free shipping to anywhere in the United States; mattress arrives compressed into a box

Construction Basics of the Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle is exceptionally transparent when it comes to their construction, so I highly suggest paying a visit to their website if you want to dive deep into the details of their materials and the manufacturing process of the mattress. There are many important things to make a note of:

  • The mattress is manufactured in the USA
  • The foam used is proprietary, intending to get a combination of the best qualities of memory and latex foam
  • This mattress consists of 10 inches worth of thickness (a previous model was 5 inches but is now discontinued)
  • The cover is comprised of rayon and polyester, making it relatively stretchy and also pretty pleasant to the touch.

Based on other reviews, I have heard that the Tuft & Needle remains durable over time. Plus, they provide a standard mattress warranty that will cover you in the long run. From my understanding, if you have a firm and flat surface you can set the mattress on, such as a foundation, platform bed, or even the floor, I think the bed should last for a very long time.


When I applied pressure to the Tuft & Needle, I noticed that the top layer is quite soft, and also has a quick reaction to pressure. This means that moving around and switching positions on the mattress will be pretty easy. As I pressed further into the mattress, I felt the firm base layer which serves as the mattress’ support layer.

I found it imperative to make a note of the fact that there is no transition layer in between the comfort and base layer of the T&N. This can be very crucial as, based on the way you sleep and/or your size, you may feel the firmness differently. This is because the absence of a transition layer creates a quick switch between the soft and the firm layers.

Provided the undeniable fact that people with different body shapes and types will experience different levels of firmness, as an alternative to delivering only my opinion on the general firmness level, I decided to enlist three other individuals to give their view of the Tuft & Needle as well. This will help to provide you with a much better understanding of the firmness you can expect.

All of the participants for this segment of the review reported that the mattress was precisely within the medium range with regards to firmness. This degree of firmness suggests that the Tuft & Needle will likely provide a universal feel that would be suitable for a majority of people. This mattress should be a pretty decent fit, provided your preferences aren’t too specific.

From my experience, the Tuft & Needle provided reasonably good pressure relief, simply due to the soft comfort later. I had the ability to switch positions without feeling too much resistance, and I also felt that the mattress has a pretty rapid reaction to shifts in pressure. Also, as I was lying on my stomach, the mattress did very well at preventing my hips from sinking in and putting my back into an uncomfortable position.

Weight Suitability

Averaged-Size Individuals– The Tuft & Needle mattress is most appropriate for individuals of average size within 130-230 pounds. Still, approximately 10% of average-sized people who have a tendency to sleep on their sides reported experiencing excessive firmness prior to breaking it in, which results in shoulder and/or hip pain. Anyone who has a BMI of 20 or less seems most likely to experience excessive firmness.

Heavy Individuals- A majority of Tuft & Needle owners weighing around 230 pounds report ideal comfort and support. The three-inch thick comfort layer is thick enough to mostly prevent one’s hips or shoulders from sinking down into the firmer support layer underneath; therefore, the mattress won’t feel too stiff. However, the overall thickness might not be quite adequate to minimize the risk of bottoming as you are sitting.

Light Individuals- Close to 18% of Tuft & Needle mattress owners who are 130 pounds, and are mainly side sleepers, report excessive firmness. According to these individuals, this is merely because they do not weigh enough to apply the pressure mandatory for the bed to conform to their bodies. With that being said, anyone with a body mass index of 21 or lower or highly likely to experience excessive firmness.

Motion Transfer

The Tuft & Needle has a minimal level of motion transfer, very similar to a latex mattress. If you are sleeping along with a partner, this mattress will certainly be far better according to your needs than the traditional spring mattresses, which generally speaking shows a great deal of motion transfer.

Overall Recommendation

I believe that within this price range, there is not a much better mattress out there than the Tuft & Needle. Rating the Tuft and Needle mattress becomes much less troublesome to do once you keep in mind the mattress’ price point in relation to other options. If you are prepared to invest more money into a mattress, then you will definitely find better options; however, if you’re leaning more towards the lower spectrum of mattress budgets, and you still want to get a good-quality mattress, I feel this is a no-brainer.

Furthermore, I love and appreciate how this company is so transparent. This is a sincere company, especially in comparison to the traditional mattress brands, so feeling good about supporting this company should come naturally.