Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress arrives compressed in a box and can be delivered directly to your home without dealing with the unnecessary hassle of waiting for the arrival of a delivery van. There are also some additional accessories, including blackout curtains, available for purchase on the Tomorrow Sleep website. The company offers anything from sheets to pillows, all contributing to the overall comfort of their mattresses.

Tomorrow sleep mattress

Tomorrow Sleep has a 100-night free-trial period on all of their accessories. This free-trial period includes their sheets, pillows, sleep tracker, mattress protector and not to mention their curtains. It’s so rare to come across a return policy so generous for these sort of accessories. In case you want to return anything, their return process is straightforward. Just give them a call, and they will take over everything from that point on, by facilitating with the entire process. Read the Tomorrow Sleep mattress review below:

What Kind of Mattress is the Tomorrow Sleep?

The Tomorrow Sleep mattress is a hybrid mattress that provides customers with outstanding comfort, above the competition support, excellent body contour, as well as a cool surface for sleeping.

This mattress is crafted with four layers of topnotch quality materials that include an individually wrapped coil system and memory foam with temperature regulating technology.

The company itself specially designs this mattress, and they ensured that they kept in mind all of the needs and requirements of many different types of sleepers; therefore, it is presented in two different comfort levels that each focus on nearly all kinds of sleepers.

For anyone who is interested in experiencing a deeper, more restorative night of sleep, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress utilizes an assortment of memory foam and individually wrapped coils to create an unparalleled level of contour, hug, and comfort. By sleeping to the full potential, you will wake up every morning refreshed and energized.

The way the mattress has been designed will have you thinking that this is an all foam mattress; however, it consists of springs (which you won’t even feel unless you are told about it).

Additionally, this company doesn’t use any toxic materials in the construction of the mattress whatsoever, and would rather use eco-friendly products as much as possible.

This mattress is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for anyone who is prone to having allergies.

Not only does the use of high-quality materials and products make this mattress luxurious, but it also contributes to it being highly comfortable, long lasting, and durable.

tomorrow sleep mattress

Basic Information

  • Made in the USA: These mattresses are produced in Charlotte, NC
  • Sleep trial: Tomorrow Sleep offers a generous 365-night free-trial policy on both editions of their mattress
  • Warranty: These mattresses have a 10-year warranty
  • Shipping: Shipping is free, but Tomorrow only ships to the 48 continental US states. Mattress arrives compressed in a box

How Firm is the Mattress?

The vast majority of mattress companies only provide one single firmness level in their mattresses; however, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress has been created with the intent to include the demands and requirements of most sleepers, and this has been presented in two different firmness options. These two firmness options are “Medium Soft” and “Medium Firm”.

The Medium soft option is crafted to keep into consideration the people who have a preference for the soft, plush feeling in a mattress. From a scale of 1-10, 10 being the firmest, this model ranks somewhere around a 4. This particular model offers sleepers with a more hugging feel and contours very well to the body. Because of these aspects, this is ideal for back and side sleepers.

On the other hand, the Medium Firm model ranks around a 6 on the firmness scale. This mattress was designed with the intent of considering the majority of sleepers who have a preference for a medium level of firmness.

Although both of the models present different levels of firmness, they still provide a well-balanced level of comfort and support to its consumers.

tomorrow sleep mattress review

Edge Support

For anyone who is planning on sharing a bed alongside a partner, it’s safe to say that you will need to utilize the entire surface area of the mattress. With that being said, edge support is something you must look into. In both versions of the mattress, Tomorrow Sleep uses a high-density poly foam to produce an edge support casing to try and add support to. Because I have taken a look at the construction, I was very interested in seeing how well this casing would work.

Soft Model: As I was lying flat on my back close to the edge of the soft mattress, I felt a good amount of support from the center of the mattress all the way to the side. This support is a crucial aspect because having support throughout the mattress creates improved stability.

I was also able to switch positions around the side of the mattress without having to worry about falling out of bed. As I was lying on my side and dangled off of the mattress, I did start to notice a bit of compression near the sides as I pushed through the memory foam top layer.

tomorrow sleep

The last position I tested was sitting upright as if I were getting out of bed in the morning or putting on my shoes. In this position, I did notice some compression near the edge; however, this is not surprising at all, especially from a softer foam mattress like this one. Although this may not be the most important aspect in your mattress search, it is one way for you to see the effect of weight concentration focused onto one portion of the mattress.

Firm Model: Naturally, since this mattress is firmer than the softer model, there wasn’t much compression near the side of the mattress. I felt even greater support from the center of the mattress all the way to the side, and I could switch positions without the feeling of nearly rolling out of bed.

As I was sitting upright, I noticed this version of the mattress held up very well. For many bed-in-a-box mattresses, this is often an issue, but it indeed was not for the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. Because of the poly foam casing that surrounds the pocketed coils, the mattress didn’t compress very much when my weight was concentrated onto one location.

Does this Mattress Retain Heat?

I had no issues at all with the Tomorrow Sleep mattress sleeping hot. The company created a hybrid construction alongside a uniquely designed system to help prevent any heat retention and provide sleepers with a cool and comfortable surface.

The mattress has a memory foam layer with a phase change cooling material infused into it. This design helps in absorbing heat from your body.

Additionally, the individually wrapped coil system allows for an abundant amount of airflow and the dissipation of heat.

tomorrow sleep review

Does the Mattress have a Smell?

Unfortunately, the Tomorrow Sleep mattress does have a little bit of that “new foam smell” when it is first unboxed. This is due to the fact that the mattress is compressed and packed immediately after being manufactured; thus, the “new mattress smell” is essentially trapped within the packaging.

Luckily, this smell is relatively common amongst memory foam mattresses and you should have nothing to worry about. The odor should completely vanish within just a couple of days and will not leave behind any lingering smell or off-gassing.

Since the company uses CertiPUR-US certified foams, you can be sure that there is no trace of toxic or harmful chemicals within the construction of your mattress.

The company also does a great job at trying to use eco-friendly materials as much as possible during the manufacturing process.

Is this the Right Mattress for You?

After carefully analyzing both models of the Tomorrow Sleep, I highly recommend this mattress for anyone who is interested in:

Memory Foam Feel: Each version of the mattress utilizes a memory foam top layer to aid in contouring to the shape of your body. By having memory foam on top of the mattress, Tomorrow Sleep has recreated that classic memory foam feeling of sinking into the bed.

Breathable Mattress: The mattress is constructed of an aerated side support layer coupled with a pocketed coil system, thus allowing air to flow throughout the mattress to help keep it cool. Tomorrow Sleep has additionally designed the mattress cover to be very thin to help with making it more breathable and allow for temperature regulation.

Mattress with Bounce: The support layer of the mattress is constructed of a pocketed coil system which helps to provide the mattress with some springiness. This will make it much easier for you to adjust positions and move around at night. It also helps you fight against sinking too far through the top memory foam layers.

Sharing your Bed: Both the Medium Firm and the Medium Soft versions of the mattress performed exceptionally well according to the motion transfer test; therefore, either version of the mattress would be suitable for anyone intending on sharing the bed along with a partner.

Overall Recommendation

Overall, when it comes to comfort and support, I felt that the competition is no match for the Tomorrow Sleep mattress. They use superior quality materials within the construction of their mattresses, and this plays a vital role in the phenomenal body contour, motion isolation, and sinkage.

Unlike many other mattresses available on the market, this particular mattress comes in two different firmness options. In my opinion, a mattress should not be “one size fits all”, and by having different firmness levels, Tomorrow is allowing all sorts of sleepers to enjoy their product.

In general, I think this is a high-quality mattress with an unbeatable price. Also, purchasing it is virtually risk-free, because, in the event that you have any uncertainties about the mattress, you still have an entire year to decide on whether or not you want to keep it or not.