Purple Mattress Review

I receive tons of questions regarding the Purple mattress resulting from their ingenious advertising as well as their highly effective Kickstarter campaign. Thus, I was thrilled to test the mattress out for myself. It is constructed from a true one-of-a-kind material, so in a way, this mattress is very tough to make comparisons with other popular alternatives.

Even though I overall really enjoyed the Purple mattress, I still had some minor complaints. It is definitely a unique mattress that is so different from anything that I’ve ever tasted before. In my opinion, I feel that a lot of people will like this mattress, but because it is so one-of-a-kind, there’s a good chance that this mattress may not be for everybody.

purple mattress review

What type of Mattress is the Purple?

Based on our research, Purple is probably the most intriguing and fascinating mattress out on the market today. It has a mixture of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials, creating a distinct feel. This allows consumers from around the world to take pleasure in a relaxing and fully rested night of sleep time and time again.

As opposed to conventional latex or memory foam mattresses, the hyper-elastic polymer gives the Purple it’s rare feeling. It naturally distributes body weight, allowing consumers to benefit from both stable comfort and support.

As a result of the mattress’ top-notch composition, the common “stuck” feeling many people associate with foam mattresses is essentially eliminated, and consumers can experience a phenomenal top layer response whenever transitioning into different sleeping positions.

Also featured with channels designed for air-flow, you are guaranteed to enjoy much cooler temperatures during your sleep.


You will love the Purple mattress if you…

Want pressure relief-

I came to find that the Purple’s unique material is, in fact, perfect for those who are in seek of pressure relief (an egg test did a great job of proving this).

Desire the Bed-in-a-Box online business model-

Concerning price, it is challenging to compare the Purple to any other mattress, resulting from its unique material. Nonetheless, the online-based business model of Purple is very similar to that of other mattress brands.

Sleep in multiple positions-

Personally, I found the Purple to be amongst the few mattresses out there that is comfortable to sleep on your back, side, and stomach.

Want to sleep cool-

This mattress without a doubt sleeps cool, and even more so than just about any other mattresses I have tested. I also tried it during the summertime, which means that it did a great job at not retaining heat.


You may not like the Purple if you…

Want a mattress you understand-

The Purple is not entirely a memory foam, nor is it considered a latex mattress. It is also most definitely not an innerspring. In other words, it is extremely complicating to put an exact label on the Purple mattress, which may make it undesirable to some shoppers.

You have a particular type of mattress you love-

If you specifically enjoy a latex or a memory foam mattress, then you should probably stay along those lines. The Purple has a very distinct feel that is unlike the standard mattress types in which you are most likely accustomed to.


The Purple Smart Grid

The smart-comfort grid is what truly differentiates this mattress from its competitors. Upon opening the purple plastic casing, you will find a sample of the unique material used within the mattress, and I made sure to examine this material closely. Come to find out, the only other mattress that uses this similar material would be the IntelliBed. The IntelliBed uses “Intelli-gel” which looks nearly identical to Purple’s “Purple technology”. The only aspect that distinguishes the two would be that the IntelliBed has latex and innerspring as opposed to the foam layers of the purple. Also, the IntelliBed is a bit more costly. The IntelliBed’s “Relief Perfect Low Motion” model costs $3,599 for a queen size. However, you are able to get a queen sized mattress from purple for only $999.

purple mattress motion transfert

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Like many other foam mattresses, the Purple absorbs motion effortlessly and consequently causing hardly any disturbance from your partner moving around at night.

In reference to disturbances, the mattress also has a thin powder coating of a non-toxic proprietary powder material which helps to reduce any sounds that the polymer material might possibly generate.

With regards to sinkage, this mattress will drop nothing more than 1 – 1.5 inches no matter if you are lying on your back or your side. However, as you are sitting down on the edge of the bed, there ends up being a higher amount of sinkage of between 2.5 and 4 inches.

Because sinkage is entirely based upon weight, it will, needless to say, vary based on the weight of each sleeper.

The bounce you get with the Purple is very different in essence of itself. The polymer material yields a bounce very similar to that of latex mattresses.


Does the Mattress Smell?

After taking the Purple out of its packaging, you will notice a very subtle smell that is common with new mattresses. Luckily, this faint smell should dissipate within only a few days, meaning there is no off-gassing.

Additionally, the Purple is considered “Green” and is also CertiPUR-US certified.

According to research, only 10% of all consumers reported having any problems with the odor, but generally speaking, the smell is very minor and is not everlasting.


Type of Cover

The Purple features a long-lasting cover. This study cover is composed of a unique combination of viscose, polyester, and polyester-lycra, and is soft, stretchy, and most importantly, highly breathable.

The Purple’s cover is a tight fit against the top of the hyper-elastic polymer top layer. It really works great alongside the top layer, essentially minimizing any heat retention/buildup.

The cover has the traditional white color scheme, yet a modern design. The combination of the conventional color and the classy diamond-shaped design creates for an overall, lovely look that is simply appealing to the eye.

The cover does zip off, though it’s strongly recommended for you to not wash your cover in the washing machine unless you think it is completely vital.

If this happens to be the case, make sure you only use cold water cycles and also remember to lay it flat to dry. NEVER put your cover in the dryer for whatever reason, because it is 100% certain that the cover will shrink.



The Purple is produced here in the United States. According to some data that was available to me, the longevity of the Purple is better than that of various other foam mattresses.

Additionally, the special blend of both hyper-elastic polymer and foam seems to be tremendously durable.

Constructed from top-notch products, materials, and quality-control specifications, the Purple continues to be rated as one of the highest-quality products available on the market, as per our statistics and data. In fact, all data currently available signifies a total of 85% owner satisfaction.


How can I Care for my Mattress?

Although it is not required, rotating your mattress at least twice a year is highly recommended in order for you to continue to enjoy the mattress to its greatest extent.

With regards to flipping, your Purple should never be flipped over, because the polymer layer must continue to be on the top.


Size and Shipping

The Purple is accessible in the traditional Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

This mattress is very easy to lift and move around. Depending on what size you purchase, the Purple weights somewhere between about 70 and 140 pounds.

Most importantly, shipping is completely free. The mattress is shipped straight to your door, encased in a solid, compressed packaging, that comes with handles that enable you to carry it to your room. It is also straightforward to unbox.

As a matter of fact, setting up is extremely easy and your Purple mattress should be readily available to be enjoyed in just a matter of a brief period of time.


Other things to Note

  • The Purple is only available online
  • The mattress has a 10-year warranty
  • Purple suggests that you use sheets that are stretchy, so you can reap the full benefits of the mattress
  • There is a 100-night free trial


Overall Recommendation

The Purple mattress offers you spectacular pressure relief as well as temperature regulation. It doesn’t sleep hot, but it also doesn’t sleep cool. Instead, heat passes straight across the comfort grid. I really like the way in which it configures so well with your body. Personally, I believe that this is like a “Goldilocks mattress” in the manner in which you receive optimal contouring and support. On the other hand, this is definitely not a “cozy” mattress. I weigh over 200 lbs and the grid seemed to sustain my body perfectly okay. As per their site, 300 lbs is the weight limit per person, coming to a total of about 600 lbs for the entire bed.

I typically sleep on my stomach and side and this mattress was very comfortable in both positions. Sometimes, with certain mattresses, I tend to get numbness in my arms due to sleeping on my stomach. Fortunately, the Purple was capable of sinking in just the right amount in all the right areas to prevent this numbness from happening.

I would expect to hear a great deal about the Purple in the foreseeable future. This mattress is spreading like wildfire popularity-wise, and is changing the game in the mattress industry. In general, I feel that the Purple mattress is a great purchase option for only being around $999. You get a high-quality product for an affordable price-point.