Leesa Mattress Review


The Leesa is an extraordinarily comfortable mattress that is slightly firm; therefore, it fulfills the needs of all types of people with different sleeping preferences. It is manufactured and produced with a topnotch design, comprised of a 2″ Avena foam layer for comfort, a 2″ memory foam layer for support, and finally, a 6″ high-density support foam that functions as a foundation.

The Avena foam is definitely one of the mattress’ most distinctive features with regards to construction. According to consumers, the support offered as well as the responsiveness while lying in several different sleeping positions was rated well above average.


The Leesa is only available in one model which consists of a little bit of a spring, enabling you to move around and switch positions in bed with ease. Moreover, the mattress will not feel hot while you are sleeping.

The Leesa offers a multifaceted, fashionable cover, which comes in two different designs — the Classic Leesa, as well as the Airlifting special edition that creates an additional degree of style and design.


The Leesa has an ‘iconic’ four striped cover that is comprised of a polyester-lycra blended fabric, providing an incredibly soft and cool touch. Not only that, it consists of a seamless edge, contributing to its outstanding overall appearance and feel.

leesa mattress inside view

The Company

Shipping bed in a box mattresses straight to buyers since 2014, Leesa was considered one of the first trendsetters in the online mattress industry.

The corporation has steadily grown to provide various kinds of mattresses, not to mention, several other sleep products such as blankets, pillows, and foundations. Although Leesa might still be thought of as a web-based retailer, they are actually currently available for purchase in select retail locations which includes West Elm, as well as their own Leesa Dream Galleries located in Virginia Beach and New York City.


You will Love the Leesa if…


You value comfort– Without a doubt, comfort is an extremely subjective mode of measuring a mattress, but for me, I thought that the Leesa was very comfortable in comparison to the vast majority of mattresses I have reviewed in the past.

You like the design–  Leesa is also produced in a design shop, and this becomes particularly apparent when examining the stylish cover.


You sleep in multiple positions-If you happen to sleep in different positions throughout the night, the Leesa might be the ideal match for you. It possesses a perfect balance of firmness and consistency that helps to make people with any type of sleeping position very comfortable, including stomach sleepers.


You hate sleeping hot– Many individuals try to steer clear of foam mattresses because they are notorious for sleeping hot. Nevertheless, I did not have any excessive heat retention problems with the Leesa. This is most likely because Leesa uses Avena foam for the comfort layer.


You want great value– Leesa is manufactured in the USA and also ships the mattress directly to your home, essentially minimizing the unnecessary “middlemen” you typically would have to deal with in most sales processes. This allows them to deliver a significantly better quality product, while still maintaining a more affordable and economical price-point for consumers.

You May Not Like the Leesa if…


You prefer a spring mattress– Leesa has a distinct company brand; therefore, I receive tons of messages from people who prefer spring mattresses, but are still contemplating purchasing a Leesa. In my opinion, if you are open and willing to make the transition from spring to foam, then you should definitely consider it. On the other hand, if you have a strong preference for innerspring mattresses, the Leesa probably won’t change the way you feel.


You’re very overweight– At this point, Leesa only has one model. If you happen to be heavier than average, it’s probable that the 10 inches of foam will not provide you ample support.


You like a plush feel– Many people mistake plush and comfort for each other. Comfort describes the overall feeling of the bed. On the contrary, plush refers to the softness, either resulting from a pillow top or a soft comfort layer. While the Leesa is very comfortable, it is not plush.


You want a “luxury” mattress–  Nowadays, as technology is becoming increasingly more advanced, luxury in a mattress entails qualities such as pillow top and diamond gel. While Leesa is a really great product, especially for the price, it does not have all of  “bells and whistles” that tend to increase the price of other luxury mattresses.



As opposed to almost every other memory foam mattress currently out on the market, the Leesa provides a single degree of feel and firmness that achieves optimal comfort. Overall, the mattress is deemed to contain a medium level of firmness.


Because the Leesa has only one model with a single level of firmness readily available for purchase, this mattress is most appropriate for the average sleeper.


Buyers seeking an excessively soft or exceedingly firm mattress will not likely achieve the firmness and comfort they are aspiring to have in the Leesa mattress. (If you’re in search of something softer, you should consider looking at Brooklyn Bedding. If you would prefer something much firmer, I suggest the Loom & Leaf Firm).


The Leesa possesses a true comfort and support level, as well as Avena foam, which is currently only found in one other mattress company (the Nolah Mattress). With that being said, the Leesa provides sleepers with the support, as well as the responsiveness necessary for sleeping in different positions.


This cutting-edge model conforms to the natural curvature of your body without giving you that unpleasant sinking feeling. Additionally, it ensures you experience a balance between comfort and support every night.


Edge Support

Should you wish to sleep in your bed alongside a partner and could benefit from utilizing the entire surface of the mattress, then edge support may be something you will need to look into. Foam mattresses often have a difficult time surpassing the expectations for edge support provided by the traditional innerspring mattress. Thus, I wanted to carefully examine how I would feel as I lay close to the side of the Leesa mattress.


As I was lying on my back close to the side of the mattress, I really felt well supported and secure. When I hung off the side, I did notice a slight element of compression through the comfort layers but keep in mind that this is relatively common. Even as I was moving around and changing positions, I had no concern with falling out of bed.


I then sat on the edge of the bed in order to simulate getting into bed or sitting up to get out of bed in the morning. This position had the entirety of my weight focused in on one area; therefore, I experienced a bit of compression. Even though this is normal for a majority foam mattresses, I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be to this intensity while sitting down. This might not be the position that you’ll focus on the most upon purchasing a mattress, but it sure does an excellent job at displaying the way in which the edge will react as weight is directly applied to it.


Does it Smell?

When you initially remove the Leesa from its packaging, you will notice a distinct odor that typically comes with a new mattress as well as some minor off-gassing (48 hours). Thankfully, the smell should vanish within a brief period of time. Additionally, the Leesa is Certi-PUR certified as well as eco-friendly.


Size and Shipping

The Leesa is accessible in the conventional Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Depending on what size the mattress is, the weight ranges anywhere from 45 to 92 pounds. With that being said, the Leesa is approximately 20% lighter than other average foam mattresses out on the market today.

Unfortunately, because the mattress lacks handles and is fairly floppy, the Leesa can be quite difficult for you to maneuver and control.

On the upside, shipping is at zero cost if you ship via UPS and should be ready to ship to you in approximately 3-5 business days.

The Leesa will arrive packaged in a compressed box and buyers are provided with a tracking number as soon as the mattress leaves the factory.

Unboxing is very easy and the mattress should be all set for you to enjoy in a brief span of time.


My Personal Experience

I slept on the Leesa for about a week, and overall, I truly enjoyed my experience. I mainly slept on my side and stomach, and occasionally my back. I thought that it was comfortable in every position. However, if you are predominantly a stomach sleeper, it might be a good idea to look for a somewhat firmer mattress. I do have to say, the Leesa is among the few mattresses that I have tried which accommodates every one of the sleeping positions very well.

Although I do really like the design of the cover, I put a sheet over it about 3 minutes after unboxing the mattress, so it didn’t make much of a difference and wasn’t an important feature to me.

As opposed to traditional memory foam mattresses, the Leesa has got a little bit of a spring to it which made me feel like I could move around and switch positions in bed with ease. Even though I thought that the Leesa was pretty comfortable, I slept all the way through the night about 5 nights out of 7, which is pretty normal for me.

A majority of online reviews suggests that sleeping hot was not an issue with the Leesa. From my experience, the mattress did not sleep hot; however, I did test it during the winter, so that could be a contributing factor to the reduced heat retention.  

Overall Recommendation

I truly enjoyed the Leesa mattress, probably more so than most people. I just thought the mattress was so comfortable, but since one’s idea of comfort is tailored to the individual, what I find comfortable may not be comfortable to another person. Leesa is amongst the most popular online mattress brands, and they also have a generous 100-day free trial policy. Therefore, if you are unsure of buying the mattress without testing it first, the free trial policy allows you to try out the mattress virtually risk-free.