GhostBed Mattress Review

We are happy to present the new GhostBed. The GhostBed mattress is a product line of the expert enterprise, Nature’s Sleep. This company continues to be designing top quality beds and toppers for more than 15 years. The GhostBed is designed with a mixture of latex and memory foam and created to provide a well-balanced feel that a large portion of sleepers should enjoy. Today we’re putting the GhostBed to the test and see if it meets all announced expectations.

The GhostBed Mattress

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Internal Materials

When you look inside the GhostBed you quickly realize that it was built with 3 super high-quality type of foams. With 11″ height, this is one of the thickest on the market. Thicker mattress tends to provide better support and less sinkage vs thinner mattresses. This bed is perfect for all weights.

Greatest Asset: We’ve reviewed over 100 mattress brands and we feel this mattress is well adapted for heavier people.

Top Layer | Designed For Comfort & Cooling
1.5″ Layer of aerated latex foam.
Layer Features: Continuous cooling, airflow, comfort, and bounce.

Middle Layer | Designed For Support
2″ Layer of proprietary gel memory foam.
Layer Features: Gel infusion reduces any body heat retention, pressure relief from your natural body weight, and compression support

Bottom Layer | Designed For Foundation
7.5″ Layer of high-density support foam.
Layer Features: Designed as a foundation for the top two layers while simultaneously dispersing your body’s weight


GhostBed 3 Top Quality Foam Layers

ghostbed foam layer

The Ghostbed might be the perfect mattress for you if you…

Are hunting for well-priced value – even in comparison with other well has known online mattress companies just like Casper, I believe GhostBed offers you great value. GhostBed is manufactured by Nature’s Sleep, which does substantial volume within the mattress market; therefore I think their scale makes it possible for them to sell an about the same good bed at a lot better costs (as well as the online-only business advantages).Sleep in every sleeping positions – the GhostBed provides terrific support in addition to excellent comfort in various sleeping position. Regardless whether you’re on your side, stomach, or backHate sleeping warm – while it’s an all foam mattress, the superior layer is latex, which aims to keep it sleeping cool (this held real in my opinion).

Given that we’ve taken an in-depth jump into the GhostBed, it’s an opportunity to cover who I believe it may be a strong match for.

Cooling: The building of the mattress uses gel-infused foam and places underneath a layer of aerated latex foam to prevent of sleeping too warm. Both the GhostBed plus the materials used will help with heat regulation as well as cooling.

Multi-Position sleepers: The GhostBed possesses a medium firmness to it which should attract a variety of sleeping. By not leaning built of into the plush or firm sides of the spectrum, the GhostBed offers a wonderful environment for various positions.

Pressure Relief with Bounce: Combining the soft latex high level of comfort layer when using the foam underneath it enabled me to sink directly into the mattress for stress alleviation. By putting the responsive latex over the memory foam, the GhostBed let me manage positions without ever being stuck.

Price & Quality: The GhostBed utilizes top quality materials to design solid combination of pressure relief, besides, to support in a long lasting mattress. Due to the good-quality of the building within the mattress, it is set at a remarkably economical price in comparison to comparable products out there.

Support and Durability: The foams utilized in the making of the GhostBed will make it easier for the mattress defends against the formation of marks. Alongside this, these foams will offer much better support to somewhat heavier persons than lesser density options.